About Airvac Liquid Waste Solutions in Colorado

Airvac Services, Inc. (Airvac) is a 2nd Generation Family-owned Colorado Company. The company was started in 1995, with one truck. Frank Hazlewood, his wife Deborah and son Steven started the company from scratch; their other son Aaron joined the operation in 1998. We have since grown to one of the largest Industrial Liquid Waste Transportation and Treatment sites in Colorado. We service the greater Denver Metro area and accept waste from all over Colorado and the surrounding states.

  • Airvac was created based on very high standards for operations, safety and business practices. It prides itself with being one of the largest non-hazardous liquid waste transportation services and wastewater treatment companies in Colorado.
  • In 1999 & 2001 Airvac purchased two other companies, Gordon’s Sand Trap Service and Allwaste Recovery Systems. This allowed Airvac to grow and service more accounts more efficiently.
  • Airvac has 4 State-of-the-Art custom-built vacuum trucks and a long list of specialized tools and equipment designed specifically to Colorado’s climate.
  • Airvac‘s main customer base consists of carwashes, truck washes, bus washes and other similar companies. Contact us for information on additional waste streams.
  • Airvac has been able to grow because of its strict adherence to customer service and integrity. Most of its growth has been through referrals from its customer base.
  • Airvac owns and operates a 18,000-sq. ft. facility, located at 383 W. 56th Ave. Airvac treats over 10 million gallons of waste each year. Airvac has consistently met or exceeded all federal, state & city regulatory requirements. In 2021 Airvac received a Gold Award from Metro Wastewater Reclamation District for 100% compliance.